People suffer from osteoarthritis as they grow older. It is a progressively degenerative disease. If one is trying to treat arthritis than one is trying to get rid of the pain that it causes. Many would like to ease the discomfort caused by this disease. It can prevent you from taking part in whole lot of activities and affects your daily life. How so?

How to Prevent Arthritis?

  1. One must relax. A tensed up muscles causes stress to the joints.
  2. Avoid exercises that cause joint pains that last for an hour after the exercise.
  3. Maintain a balance between activity and rest. Regular excises lasting for 20 to 30 minutes, along with 8 hours of good night sleep is good for musculoskeletal health.
  4. It is good to practice good posture. One must lift heavy items with hip muscles rather than with the back.
  5. Lose excessive weight. The more you lose the better for the muscles. If you lose weight by 12 pounds then you lessen the risk of developing arthritis by half.
  6. Soak yourself in a hot tub after performing strenuous exercises.
  7. Avoid sitting on soft chairs and sleep on mattresses that are firm.
  8. Do not cause strain that is repetitive on the joints and muscles.
  9. Keep a watchful eye on work activities that cause chronic arthritis pain. Change those activities in case they cause much discomfort.
  10. Avoid squatting or taking part strenuous physical labor as well as sports that cause much strain.
  11. Exercise moderately. Do not over do such activity.
  12. Cross – training programs are good for building activities which are lightweight.
  13. Take vitamin supplements to strengthen the joints. These can protect the joints and delay the onset of arthritis. These are Vitamin D and C, glucosamine, boron, MSM etc.
  14. Do not overeat. Try to retain ideal weight.
  15. Drink plenty of water to lubricate the joints and to enhance their capacity to take shocks.
  16. Avoid coffee, tea and sodas.
  17. Drink green tea.
  18. Yoga is very good.
  19. Take a diet which is less in fat, salt and sugar. Eat a diet that consists of complex carbohydrates.
  20. Bring in changes in your lifestyle so that you remain health conscious.

Arthritis gets worse as you grow older. It is better to take precautions so that you can lessen its discomfort and pain.


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