Skin all over the body benefits from contouring treatments. However, some areas need more attention than others to keep the skin firm, smooth and well toned.

How to Make Your Breasts Beautiful
Like any part of the body, our breasts respond to tender loving care. Treatments cannot perform miracles, but they can go a long way towards preserving skin’s youthful definition.

Breast tissue is made up of two-thirds fatty tissue. While changes in weight do affect breast size, the female hormones – especially oestrogen – also influence how full they are. Breast size can increase a cup size or more during pregnancy.

Breasts have little natural support. With no muscles of their own they rely instead on the pectoral muscles attached to the chest and the weedier muscles of the neck which fan out across the cleavage. When these muscles are well toned the breasts are held firmly in place. When neglected they allow the bust to sag. No treatĀ¬ment cream or gel can compensate for poor muscle tone. And although wearing a bra makes the muscles redundant, the relentless pull of gravity is far more damaging.

Natural uplift to Make Your Breasts Beautiful
Spray the breasts with cold water at the end of a bath or shower. With the shower attachment work in small circular movements giving each breast a short 30- to 60-second cold blast. Alternatively try crushing up ice and wrapping it in a flannel or some muslin to form a compress. Cover each breast with this ice mask for a few minutes.

Certain plants and foods contain chemicals which are structurally very similar to oestrogen, the hormone that enhances the shape and firmness of breasts. These phyto-oestrogens are weaker than those the body makes but eating foods such as soya and flax seeds which are rich in these substances, and using preparations rich in phyto-oestrogenic plants like hops, sage and fennel, may help to keep your breasts well toned.

Ways to Make Your Breasts Beautiful – To keep the breasts pert, you should work these muscles every day

  • Press your hands together in front of your chest, as if praying, and push as hard as possible for 10 seconds
  • Hold your arms out to the sides, with fists clenched, at shoulder height and circle forwards 10 times, then backwards 10 times
  • Adopt the press-up position. Bend your arms slightly to lower the body (not all the way to the ground) and straighten them again. Do this 10 times
  • Do the breaststroke (as in swimming), preferably in water as it offers more resistance than air. Cold water also tightens the tissues
  • Grimace, to work the neck muscles

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