Bones and Muscles

How to Get Rid of Foot Cramps

Foot cramps are caused due to the involuntary contraction of the muscles in the foot. Foot cramps can result in intense pain and inability to move the foot. The following are the reasons for foot cramps: Overuse of the foot Poor circulation Dehydration Holding the foot in a position for […]


Heel Pain

Heel pain is a condition in which bearing weight on heels causes extreme discomfort. Heel pain is triggered due to excessive stress on the feet, and indicates plantar fasciitis, heel spur etc. Ignoring early signs of heel pain can aggravate the condition. Heel pain is commonly seen in: Sports persons […]


Pinched Sciatic Nerve Symptoms

Sciatica is a disc related problem which can occur by a pinched nerve. The sciatic nerve is very sensitive and the inner side consists of inflammatory proteins that can cause irritation. An irritation caused to the inner side of the sensitive nerve can lead to inflammation and it can transform […]


Lower Back Pain After Sneezing

Lower back pain can occur after sneezing. It can be unbearable in some cases. The people suffer from lower back pain after sneezing may not have any choice except bed rest. The low back pain can be worse if it is ignored. Low back pain is activated by a combination […]


Posterolateral Corner Injuries

The posterolateral corner injuries are caused when execessive physical movements break a special ligament. The posterolateral corner is composed of the popliteus muscle, lateral collateral ligament, the posterolateral capsule, and also the popliteofibular ligament. It provides the necessary support to the knee by assuring structural stability to the knee that […]


Lateral knee pain Syndrome and common cure

There can be various causes to knee pain. Lateral knee pain is just one of the stuff that can be used towards the development of the various knee pain associated to it. The iliotibial band is again the root cause of this pain. An athlete with this pain might suffer […]


Acupuncture and Knee Pain

Knee pain has become quite common among all those people. People who involve themselves in challenging physical activities such as athletes are at more risk of getting knee pain. Acupuncture has known to help all people suffering from knee pain. A study suggested that larger number of patients with patellofemoral […]


Knee Cycling Pain

If you are into cycling or mountain biking you must have known about knee pain. If you have never experienced knee pain that means you have been lucky and fit or either you have been taking some extra care and precautions. The iliotibial band or the IT band is the […]


Pes Anserinus Tendons – The culprit of the chronic knee pain

The most common cause of the knee pain is generally misunderstood as ligament injury. The root of the knee pain in elderly people lies in the pes anserinus tendons. The most common cause of the knee pain is the weakness in the pes anserinus tendons. If you can look behind […]


Acetaminophen Poisoning that increases knee pain

Acetaminophen is a very famous name in USA, which is used as a painkiller. More than 97 companies sell it with different names and under different brands but the most popular one is the Tylenol. It is also known as paracetamol in many other parts of the world. This paracetamol […]