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Foot Detox Pads – Do They Really Remove Toxins

Foot Detox pads are adhesive pads which are applied on the soles of the feet to get rid of the toxins in the body. These pads are believed to remove the heavy metals, toxins, and parasites etc. Many commercials aired on the television claim that these foot Detox pads work. […]


Babies Need More Naps than Nappies to Sleep Better

Sure it must be some task for parents to put their babies off to sleep. On the contrary, Polly Moore, a sleep expert says that putting a baby off to sleep can be much easier if parents learn the art of tuning the needs of the baby during its 90-minute […]


Here is a Method to Kick Back Bad Health

Yes, scientists are here to state that cranberry juice can kick back bad health with its antioxidant properties. As researchers have earlier claimed that colorful foods like tart cherries can help ward of cardiovascular diseases, here is a colorful drink – the cranberry juice which can pump back good health […]


Factors that Induce Excessive Perspiration and Causes of Body Odor

Not all people suffer from body odor but if you do you can certainly be a nuisance for people having to bear with your smell. Body odor can be prevented by altering your diet chart and by maintaining your hygiene conditions. Explore ways to fight body odor by employing some […]


Top 10 Unhealthy Signs You Cannot Afford to Ignore

Your life couldn’t be devoid of those moments when you’ve tried ignoring signs and passing them off as insignificant disturbances. Though some signs like a mild cough and cold are what elders say people should suffer from that shows that the body is responding in an appropriate way, there are […]


Stimulating Adventure Sports – Destination India

If you dare to dare, we have a few adrenalin-pumping adventures for you to go ahead. The Manali to Leh drive One for the hard-core adventurer, this 475-kilometer drive is 13,000 feet above sea level and tests even the toughest of high altitude drivers. One has to attempt this in […]


Facial Symmetry can be our Best Beauty Secret

Women who have average features are considered to be very beautiful by their peer group according to a recent study. Researchers belonging to University of California, San Diego as well as the Toronto University requested college students to take view of the digital photos of women faces that were identical […]


Why You Should Express Suppressed Emotions?

Why You Should Express Suppressed Emotions?

We all have emotions. We like to express them. Yet, there are times we may suppress them. Introverts generally do not say what is in their mind. Extroverts, on the other hand, are more open with their feelings…


How to Live With A Birthmark?

How to Live With A Birthmark?

Birthmarks are formed shortly or before birth and are known as naevus. They can be on any part of the body, on the neck, face and different shapes. Formed due to abnormal cell development..


Are You Losing Your Libido?

Are you losing your libido? Having sleepless nights considering how this will affect your marital life or your future relationship with your girlfriend? Well, you are not alone. Increasing number of men and women are losing desire for sex because of a number of reasons. These can be due to stress…