Quit Smoking

How Can You Quit Smoking Weed

Weed is the most abundantly used illicit drug. It is known by a number of different names like marijuana, pot, hashish, cannabis, etc. depending on where they come from and what form they are available in. How to quit smoking weed Even though it may not be as strong a […]


Oral Contraceptives and Smoking

Studies suggest that women taking oral contraceptives should not be accompanied with smoking as it increases the risk of contracting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. Reports reveal that about 7.4% of the women in the United States between 18-44 years take oral contraceptive pills and smoke at the same time. In […]


Second Hand Smoke Also Kills You

Second Hand Smoke Also Kills You

Non-smokers are at risk of developing cancer or lung problems by inhaling a smoker’s smoke. Second-hand smoke, also known as “environmental tobacco smoke”, is a mixture of particles and gases caused due to burning a cigarette or a pipe and “exhaled mainstream smoke”. Second-hand smoke contains chemicals, which are injurious […]


How Long Does it Take to Withdraw from Nicotine

How Long Does it Take to Withdraw from Nicotine

What is nicotine withdrawal? Nicotine withdrawal occurs when an individual who has been using some product(s) with nicotine over a period of time and then decides to discontinue use. Some such products are cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and snuff. These, along with some other products, contain high levels of nicotine which, […]


Develop these Hobbies after Quitting Smoking

The most uncomfortable days for an ex-smoker is having to bear the withdrawal and recovery symptoms. The body goes through a number of abnormal reactions after quitting smoking. This happens because the body gets used to maintaining a certain level of nicotine. Nicotine effects also create a constant craving for […]


Nicotine Poisoning in Children

Nicotine poisoning occurs mostly due to consumption or exposure of skin to nicotine and almost never by smoking. Such poisoning cases require immediate medical attention along with an immediate stoppage to nicotine exposure. Occurrence and Symptoms Symptoms of nicotine poisoning become visible soon after exposure. If exposure stops immediately after […]


Symptoms of Green Tobacco Sickness (GTS)

What is Green Tobacco Sickness Green Tobacco Sickness (GTS) is caused by the nicotine present in fresh, green unprocessed tobacco. This nicotine dissolves in water. When such dissolved nicotine comes in contact with skin, it causes GTS. Risk group for Green Tobacco Sickness Those most susceptible to GTS are workers […]


Effects of Smoking on Facial Charm

Would you ever believe that smoking can ruin your face contours? Yes is the answer. Smoking is one of the worst habits you can own. This is attributed by cigarette smoke which contains harmful chemicals like nicotine and carbon dioxide that can destroy your immunity levels for life. Nicotine travels […]


How to deal with Withdrawal Symptoms

If I were to answer that question in two words I’d say – with Patience and Determination. But I know you will say, ‘Easier said than done.’ Precisely, its not easy to gain independence from a habit that had literally enslaved you for all these years. But its not impossible […]


Stop Smoking While You Can Or Else It Will Be Too Late

Experts suggest that you need to realize how drastically smoking can affect your health now before it’s too late to do anything. Cigarette smoke can kill you slowly till none of your organs will function properly. Nicotine and carbon monoxide contained in cigarette smoke are considered to be the most […]