Misalignment of the two eyes is known as squint. Both the eyes do not look in the same direction. This misalignment can be present throughout the day or it might appear at times; on other occasions, the eyes may look straight. This is a common occurrence among children, although adults also may experience it.

Causes of squint

  • The exact cause is not known. Six muscles control the movement of the eyes. These  muscles act in conjunction with each other to keep the eyes straight. Loss in such coordination results in misalignment, resulting in squint. The misalignment can occur in the same manner in all directions. In some cases, the misalignment may be more in one particular direction, for example, a squint  in the case of nerve palsy.
  • At times a refractive error hypermetropia, also known as long sight can lead to inward deviation of our eye.
  • Poor vision in the eye due to diseases such as cataract can also cause deviation of the eye. Eye checkup is essential to ascertain the causes of squint to prevent loss of vision particularly in the case of children.

Symptoms of squint

  • The alignment of eyes cannot be immediately ascertained in a new born. They are rarely aligned at that stage. Only after 3-4 weeks of age the alignment can be observed. A squint in a baby who is over a month old must be checked up by an ophthalmologist.
  • Double vsion in adults.
  • Misalignement of eyes.

Diagnosis of Squint Eye
The ophthalmologist diagnoses a squint eye. Several tests are conducted to identify the squint and evaluate the extent of the deviation. Sometimes there could be false indication of squint which could be due to a nasal bridge occurring in the  child. Only an ophthalmologist can determine whether it is false or real squint.

Problems of Squint Eye

  • Lack  of proper alignment. Each of the eye’s focus is on different objects thus sending different object signals to the brain, which results in confusion of the image perceived. It may have the effect both images being perceived simultaneously.
  • The child may see not see the image from the deviated eye. He or she loses out on depth perception. The suppression of the image causes poor vision development, which is called amblyopia.
  • An adult is unable to ignore the image from the other eye and suffers from double vision. He or she may find it difficult to work.

Treatment of Squint Eye
The purpose of treatment of squint eye is meant to:

  • To restore the vision or preserve it.
  • Restore binocular vision.
  • To straighten the eyes.
  • Eyes are checked to ensure to check for refractive error which can cause a squint. In case there happens to be one then it is corrected. In some cases, this may be the problem.
  • Eyes are checked up for amblyopia. It is necessary to treat this condition before surgery. Parents cooperation is very essential for such treatment.
  • Squint is also treated by surgery. The surgery is necessary to either strengthen or weaken the concerned muscles.
    In some of the double vision cases, prisms can be added to the glasses to reduce the symptoms.

Squint eye can be aesthetically as well as medically of concern. One must consult an ophthalmologist to get it treated.



  1. janu says:

    love squinted man

  2. mamta aggarwal says:

    sir, i have no sqiunt in my eys but sometimes all people says me where r u look……….means sometime when i look front people other people says me u look me ……..but i am not lool that person …..i am feel bad that time .plz sugest what will i do? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me………

  3. disha says:

    do we have any remedy for squint eye? i mean any solution for having straight and perfect eye? plz do reply………..

  4. yogendra singh says:

    sir, my child is 1.5 year old, now from last 2-3 month i observe some squint in his left eyes

    Please tell me whether it is Curable or not .

    pls suggest in detail sir

  5. Ram says:

    Is there any loss in the vision due to squint eye ? Can we improve the vision in squint eye at the age of 25 years and above.

  6. amna khan says:

    sir,when i am looking straight my eyes are nou squint but when i am looking to left or right side,my eyes become squint.plz tell me some treatment

  7. Vinod says:

    I have a squint in my right eye..so plz give me suggestion

  8. udai singh says:

    sir i have squint in my both eye..i m good luking but due to squint my confidance level is low..squint in my eye since my birth.so plz sir sugest me that this is curable or not..if yes tell me the way to get treatment.

  9. devika says:

    dear sir i am 15 yrs old whenever i click photo and stare at d camera lenses n wen i chk out d photo i find my left eye is slightly squint…!!! 🙁 its really wierd!!! plz really help me out!!! for god sake give me som home treatment any sort of eye exercise dat can cure it!

  10. i ll help u.if u have ur 1 eye slightly squint then u shud take an object in front of u n concentrate on it for half an hour wid ur eyes straight.u wil get normal eye.100/ sure

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