Foot Detox pads are adhesive pads which are applied on the soles of the feet to get rid of the toxins in the body. These pads are believed to remove the heavy metals, toxins, and parasites etc. Many commercials aired on the television claim that these foot Detox pads work. However, doctors suggest that foot Detox pads cannot and do not work.

How to Use Foot Detox Pads?
According to the instructions, the adhesive foot Detox pad should be applied on feet before bedtime and are to be left for about 8 to 10 hours. In the morning, one can find the detox pads in dark brown color, which indicates the toxins absorbed from the body.

The detox pads should be used each night, until the pad becomes lighter and less dirty. The detox pads manufacturers say that this process has several benefits such as reliving of the immune system burden, cleansing of the lymphatic system and improving the quality of sleep

How Detox Pads are supposed to Remove the Toxins?
How can foot Detox pad remove the toxins? The manufacturers say that Detox pads work similar to the process of osmosis in trees. Just like the trees absorb water, the pads absorb the toxins from the skin of the soles and improve your health

The Loopholes in Foot Detox Pads:
Here are the following loopholes in the theory that Detox pads remove the toxins:

  • There is no scientific evidence that foot Detox pads work
  • Skin is not a semi-permeable membrane and hence there is no way toxins can be absorbed by the pads
  • Skin is not a detoxification organ. Detoxification takes place in the liver, and then the kidneys filter the waste materials which are eventually removed from the body. Sweat maintains the body temperature, but does not play a significant role in removing the toxins
  • The dark brown color which is found on the Detox pads after 8 to 10 hours of wearing it may not indicate toxins. This is because, the same color is formed along with distilled water, hot water, and lab-created sweat. Experts opine that the dark brown color is not due to toxins but due to the reaction of the sweat with the vinegar

Experts say that foot Detox pads produce a placebo effect, due to which people may psychologically feel good. Hence, it is recommended to avoid these Detox pads as they may work. The better thing to do for detoxification of the body is to drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep.


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