birthmarkBirthmarks are formed shortly or before birth and are known as naevus. They can be on any part of the body, on the neck, face and different shapes. Formed due to abnormal cell development in the skin, they are often noticed by people. Some of them can be very large in size and very prominent. At times they can affect your beauty. One can have them removed, but some prefer to live with them. How?

How Can One Live With a Birthmark?

  • Eminent personages have birthmarks such as Elvis Presley, Catherine Zeta Jones, Mikhail Gorbachev, Tna Turner and Richard Gere. One can also feel proud of having one. One need not feel abnormal about it
  • Appreciate it as part of your body. One need not feel dejected by it. Even if people comment about it, you need not feel too conscious of it
  • It can enhance beauty at times. It may make you look more beautiful
  • It is harmless part of your body. You need not worry about it
  • Some may be superstitious about it, but you need not believe in all that is being said. Sometimes, it is also considered to be a good omen
  • People may notice it more, rather than your dress or shoes. Do not get too much concerned about it. Accept it
  • You can join a group which consists of those who have birthmarks
  • You can remove it surgically
  • There are forums where you can express your feelings, views and thoughts about birthmarks
  • There are websites, which give you all the required information about birthmarks. They also highlight the experiences of others. It is always good to know how others feel about their birthmark

One has to live with one’s birthmark. Accepting it is the best way out. Appreciate it and feel others also have it. It is not abnormal to have a birthmark.


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  1. kefentse hope ngoetjana says:

    I have a huge facial birthmark on the left side of My face ,fact is People do say positive comments about It but some say nasty words,but i dont care i am highly confident in My very own perfectly imperfections, the Original You no matter what they say

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