Ants can be a nuisance and in case you have kids at home, they can turn to be quite a problem. One can come across about 8,800 species of ants all over the world. They are a part and parcel of the environment and contribute to ecological balance.

Ants can worry you if they are in the kitchen. One would like to get rid of them. Here some home remedies to get rid of them

Home Remedies to Kill Ants
The top Home Remedies to Kill Ants are:

  • One can apply perfume at the entry areas where ants are located.
  • One can also spray bone meal bordering the garden.
  • Wash the dish in which one places pet food with kerosene that contains water.
  • Take equal parts of borax and confectioner sugar to kill ants.
  • One can use water spray that is soapy.
  • One can also try spraying adhesive and around the base of plants as well as trees to stop the ants.
  • Spraying of vinegar in the path of entry of the ants like the door, window frames to prevent ants.
  • Try to keep cinnamon sticks in the path of moving ants.
  • One can pour some boiling water over the nest of the ants.
  • One can also spread some cream of the tartar or some chilli powder at the entry of where the ants enter the house. They will not enter the house.
  • Cucumber is also very useful in killing ants. The ants do not like the taste of this salad and leave the house.
  • One can use mint tea bags. One can dry the mint and leaves and after crushing them spread them in places where ants enter. This would prevent them from entering.
  • One can pour peppermint oil in places where ants enter to prevent them.
  • Placing grits in places where ants are found can kill them.
  • Salt can be mixed in boiling water and poured in entry points to prevent ants.
  • Grease can also prevent ants. Initially, they will come towards the grease and then run away from it.
  • Bay leaves can be spread in the pathway of the ants.
  • Diatomaceous earth can also kill the ants as it breaks off the legs of the ants when they walk over it due to its sharp edges.
  • One can also use white chalk powder in similar fashion as diatomaceous earth.
  • One can use cotton balls saturated in Oil of Pennyroyal and place these balls where there are ants.

Get rid of ants. One need not worry about them Home remedies can prove useful in killing them.


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