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Home Remedies for Tomato Blight

Tomato blight is a disease condition of the tomato plant that is marked by quick spreading of brownish black lesions or patches. Such lesions are caused by Phytophthora infestans fungi which thrive on warm wet conditions. As the fungi spread, the infected tissues die rapidly. How is Tomato Blight Identified? […]


How to Improve Self Confidence of Your Child

Children are self-confident when they have confidence in their own judgment or ability. Those who are self-confident also tend to have high self-esteem and much self-respect. Using a technique popular in neuro-linguistic programming, children can feed their confidence in times of need to help them overcome doubts in their abilities. […]


Top 10 Homeremedies for Arteriosclerosis

Blood vessels (arteries) help in carrying oxygen and nutrients from our heart to the rest of the body. Leading sedentary lifestyle or eating unhealthy foods make the inner linings of these arteries become thickened and stiff with fatty deposits. This results in inadequate supply of blood reaching our vital organs […]


What to Use for Chigger Bites

Chiggers are the larvae of mites belonging to the family of Trombiculidae. Larvae of scrub mites or harvest mites commonly cause chigger bites. Chiggers do not suck blood like mosquitoes, but they inject digestive enzymes to feed on the skin. This results in raised bumps and itching of the skin […]


Natural Remedies for Angina

Angina or chest pain is a common symptom of coronary artery disease that can generally result from insufficient flow of blood to the heart. If undetected (often mistaken for indigestion), angina can lead to partial paralysis or heart attack. Natural Remedies for Angina Natural remedies for unstable angina include: Natural […]


Oral Contraceptives and Smoking

Studies suggest that women taking oral contraceptives should not be accompanied with smoking as it increases the risk of contracting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. Reports reveal that about 7.4% of the women in the United States between 18-44 years take oral contraceptive pills and smoke at the same time. In […]


Second Hand Smoke Also Kills You

Second Hand Smoke Also Kills You

Non-smokers are at risk of developing cancer or lung problems by inhaling a smoker’s smoke. Second-hand smoke, also known as “environmental tobacco smoke”, is a mixture of particles and gases caused due to burning a cigarette or a pipe and “exhaled mainstream smoke”. Second-hand smoke contains chemicals, which are injurious […]


How To Care Your Makeup Brushes And Tools

How To Care Your Makeup Brushes And Tools

A perfect makeup is all about blending the various makeup products. You must use the right makeup shades. But most of us do not pay much attention on the brushes we use during a makeup. A good set of brushes are also as essential as the right makeup products. The […]


Beauty Tips To Attract A Boy

Beauty Tips To Attract A Boy

Do you know what they think is beautiful about their woman; be it their girl friend or wife. What appears most beautiful to them which gets their motor running. Here comes the list of surprises. The below list of pleasant surprises will reveal how romantic and thoughtful men are about […]


Home Remedies for Sciatica Relief

Although medications and exercises are must, but should be taken under the supervision of the doctor. There are some natural cures for treating sciatica. There are various ways in curing sciatica. Here are some home remedies to cure sciatica. Home remedies to get relief from sciatica: Juices: Combination of celery […]