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How Long Does it Take to Withdraw from Nicotine

How Long Does it Take to Withdraw from Nicotine

What is nicotine withdrawal? Nicotine withdrawal occurs when an individual who has been using some product(s) with nicotine over a period of time and then decides to discontinue use. Some such products are cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and snuff. These, along with some other products, contain high levels of nicotine which, […]


Feed Your Heart Right to Reduce Heartaches

Heart issues are priceless and precious for each one of us. No, it’s not the heartaches from torn relationships that are being referred to here but the heartaches that come about with age and unhealthy eating and living habits that is being addressed. Whatever be the reason, heart rules life. […]


Top Skin Toners

A good skin toner leaves you with a fresh feel on your skin and gives you a healthy, glowing look. So, when you are using any top skin toners , you feel refreshed because it enhances your blood circulation. A good skin toner serves many purpose. For those of you […]


Types of Skin Diseases or List of Skin Diseases

Skin diseases can not only make your skin look ugly but cause much discomfort all day. Experts divide the types of skin disease into categories like inflammatory, viral, fungal and bacterial infections to name a few. Discover a list of diseases you can try keeping away from by having a […]


Develop these Hobbies after Quitting Smoking

The most uncomfortable days for an ex-smoker is having to bear the withdrawal and recovery symptoms. The body goes through a number of abnormal reactions after quitting smoking. This happens because the body gets used to maintaining a certain level of nicotine. Nicotine effects also create a constant craving for […]


Lower Back Pain After Sneezing

Lower back pain can occur after sneezing. It can be unbearable in some cases. The people suffer from lower back pain after sneezing may not have any choice except bed rest. The low back pain can be worse if it is ignored. Low back pain is activated by a combination […]


Babies Need More Naps than Nappies to Sleep Better

Sure it must be some task for parents to put their babies off to sleep. On the contrary, Polly Moore, a sleep expert says that putting a baby off to sleep can be much easier if parents learn the art of tuning the needs of the baby during its 90-minute […]


Losing Weight Is Very Easy. How?

Losing weight is not a big deal. You may laugh at this statement. But after you read the very simple and easiest weight loss tips given below, you will accept what I said. These are very effective in achieving your goal because unlike many conventional weight loss tips, every tip […]


Eat Tart Cherries for a Healthy Beating Heart

Researchers from the University of Michigan at an Experimental Biology annual meeting (San Diego) declared that tart cherries are healthy for the heart. The study, which was carried out on rats, reported that tart cherries can protect one’s heart from conditions like diabetes and heart strokes, attacks, etc. Parameters of […]


Breathe Easy and Free with Apple Juice

Yes, British researchers are here to claim that apply juice can reduce the risks of asthma. Modern society is grappling with diseases like asthma which has very much arisen from the way people have chosen to live. For instance, as of today, it is pollution, diet change and stress which […]