Weed is the most abundantly used illicit drug. It is known by a number of different names like marijuana, pot, hashish, cannabis, etc. depending on where they come from and what form they are available in.

How to quit smoking weed
Even though it may not be as strong a drug as many others like cocaine or heroin, weed is a highly addictive drug. Once addicted, it takes a lot for the addict to quit and stay quit. But this should not discourage you from sticking to your resolve to quit using pot.

The most important thing to make sure when planning to quit is to make up your mind and be very sure of your decision to quit. Once you have made up your mind, you will have a strong will power that can help you stick to your decision of getting rid of your addiction. Once you have achieved this, it is 0only a matter of time before you completely succeed in getting rid of your addiction .

Below given are some tips that might be helpful as and when you decide to quit smoking weed.

  • Get rid of any products around you that might remind you of weed or tempt you to use weed
  • Avoid places and situations that might tempt you to smoke up
  • Learn to deal with cravings using techniques like breathing exercises, going for a stroll or even chewing on candy or gum
  • Acquire a new hobby or pursue an existing one, like playing a sport, learning to play a musical instrument or dancing.
  • Tell family and friends that you are quitting and ask them for help and support
  • Consult a doctor to determine if you need medications
  • Keep motivating yourself to quit and stay that way

These simple steps, along with support from family and friends, and clinical support if necessary, will help you get over your addiction of weed and help you get a much better quality of life.


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